Cava Ispica

Cava Ispica, about 35km from Marzamemi is a fluvial valley of about 13km which connects the cities of Modica and Ispica.

The valley is characterized by typical Mediterranean scrub. Holm oak, carob trees, dwarf palms and olive trees are the main plant species. While wild rabbit, foxes, hedgehogs and wood pigeons are the principal animal species

The Cava (Cava means quarry) represents a site of particular historical interest. In fact, its shape made it an ideal site for human habitation. In the northern part there are the remains of dwellings going back to the 8th century and traces of necropolises and in the South defensive structures prevail.

Finally, Parco Forza (Forza Park) was established within the Cava where it is possible to visit the archaeological remains of the ancient settlements of Cava d’Ispica.

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