Scicli, in the province of Ragusa, is a town of about 27,000 inhabitants that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001 with the seven other late baroque cities from the Val di Noto also in the list. In order to get there you will pass through fascinating countryside rich with steep limestone walls, carob trees, low walls and caves.

The town is characterized by dwellings of limestone that sprout from the cliffs. They are overlooked by the church of Saint Matthew placed on top of the hill of the same name which is the symbol of the city.

Amongst the landmarks of the city of Scicli that you must not miss is Palazzo Beneventano, one of the Sicily’s most beautiful baroque buildings and the baroque architectural complexes of the central street of via Mormino Penna where you can admire noble palaces with the decorated facades and churches which are considered masterpieces of ecclesiastical art.

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